We understand that being tax complaint with government, or being managing your own records, can be difficult especially because proper bookkeeping and accounting practices are tedious to maintain within a business. Logging paperwork can be hard and frustrating when you can’t afford to hire an account or understand it enough to do it yourself. We assist all our members by ensuring that their business is update with all paperwork.

After developing an idea and figuring where you want to go with your business, it’s time to develop how you will make it happen. We help to organize the best way to structure your business so that customers and staff are comfortable, and your business becomes profitable overtime. By doing this, your staff can assist customers more efficiently and your customers will stay happy which in turn builds your business more effectively. 

Documentation is the most essential part of doing business, it can make or break you. Not having proper bookkeeping logs to track sales, purchases, profit or loss will make a business fail. That’s why we assist with creating all forms of business documents, including: employee registers, ledgers, invoices, plans, reports, minutes, contracts, invoices, letters, and much more.

We work with prospective and new businesses to refine their business idea, including: to license, to trade mark, to paten, and to copyright.  We help them to develop more lucrative ways (if necessary) of making money as well as to get them on a stable path to a better understanding of what owning a business truly means. Documents, including: employee registers, ledgers, invoices, plans, reports, minutes, contracts, invoices, letters, and much more.

We understand that shipping to and from overseas countries might seem out of reach or too expensive for a small, medium, or large but inexperienced business. We combine our knowledge, experience, resources and credibility to ensure we reduce cost and turnaround times to make it easier for our members.


Being in business can be a daunting and lonely concept at times. Thus we understand that those challenges can get you down and depressed, especially when you’re doing it all alone. We as a society freely offer our services to listen to you, and share our own experiences with you, to help you, to get through those lonely and frustrating times when they arise.

We work with Heart/NTA, JBDC, and many other institutions to offer workshops for our members to make starting, managing, and operating a business, including handling staff, and customers more efficient.

Fundraising & Corporate Events: The society’s finances comes primarily from the contributions of our members in the way of membership fees, but at times we may need additional funding to cover certain projects we may wish to undertake, and this is where hosting of events take place. We organize dinners, social outings, workshops, conferences, expos, and much more to raise the funds we may need as the moment arise. 

Did you ever see a business in a foreign country that you would want to trade with but it seems impossible? Don’t be dismayed we help to make doing business with international trading partners more convenient. We assist you with locating and establishing lucrative business partnership with companies and people across the globe.

Our S.M.I. Program facilitates the integration of multiple businesses, working together to boost productivity and sales in the Jamaican and international marketplace. We create a diverse and well educated Sales Team & Marketing Team from a sophisticated pool of society members. These teams are tasked with the creation of a budget, a service level agreement, and various project plans; that all members of the society will use. This will help push the strategies and techniques needed in the promotion, distribution, and sales of goods & services that each member may have at any given moment. 

After all the hard work and dedication, sleepless nights, hours of crying your eyes out over a  project you’ve worked on for so long that was successful or failed . For all the times you didn’t spend with family or friends, all the time you put into making your business work, we salute you and honor you with our Annual Business Awards. These awards go to the society members and society affiliates who contributed to the increase in prosperity of the Jamaican society as a whole within the society calendar year from April 1st to March 31st each year.  Awards for participation and volunteerism are also highlighted, including most improved business and best new business.

Every month or other month we choose five businesses within the society to promote on our ‘Corporate Team Outings’. These outings are where we come together to showcase what all participating society members have to offer, by marketing products and services together. This a great team building and self-esteem boosting exercise where we can also meet businesses and people that are not a part of the society. This is an advertising and marketing venture that can take various forms: radio and tv commercials, radio and television outside broadcast, social media broadcast, social media ads and commercials, family fun days, corporate events, or even conferences and expos. 

 For this society we see participation as an integral part of ensuring that all our members benefit as a whole.  Engineered social settings, help to build confidence and self-esteem in our members; which will in turn help them in their business life, when dealing with customers, peers, and prospective business associates locally and internationally.  

As upright stewards of Jamaica it is our duty to give back wherever and whenever we can to the society we live in and do business every day.