About Us

Welcome to The JBS Group

Who we are

Welcome to The Jamaica Business Society Group Limited (JBS) we are a non-profit social club for business owners on the island of     Jamaica. The society was established in July 2019, first as a “Facebook Group” geared towards giving businesses a safe place to build relationships with other business people. We are a cooperative society, which is regulated under the Cooperative Societies Act of 1950. We follow the regulations set out by the Department of Cooperative and Friendly Societies in the Ministry of Industry, Investment, and Commerce, and we are governed by a Board (Management Committee) which is comprised of 14 Business Owners, 4 Affiliates, and 3 Youth Business Advocates.

Our Objectives


“To provide an inviting, comfortable space for business owners to come together as a ‘team support system’ for each other“


“We aim to be one of Jamaica’s premier benchmark business vetting and support society, through affiliation with key stakeholders in all industries”


“A welcoming environment of positive attitudes driven by teamwork, honesty, integrity, and good ethical belief systems”

We Are here to Help

We help to develop small businesses

The society was created as a home base for all businesses. A sanctuary where business people are free to express themselves openly and to learn from and make mistakes without fear. A place where they can be with other business professionals who understand what they are experiencing and how challenging being in business can be. The society’s aim is to inspire, and welcome talented people who are inspired by business ownership, but who are on the outside looking in, as accessing the required knowledge of business development is scattered and tedious to obtain so they may prematurely give up on their dreams.

Financial Support

Small businesses financial support

We are fully dedicated to ensuring that all our members experience financial growth. So we help each other with sales management,   advertising, marketing, international trade, peer counseling and much more. We also assist with the filing of taxes and the recouping of   returns. In order to accomplish all of this, we are affiliated with most local and a few international financial institutions, including all local government offices, this is to ensure easier access for example to grants and loans for all our members. 

The society also assists with the development of all the essential paperwork needed for the efficient running and management of a business, including: Contracts, Tenders, Business Plans and Proposals, Reports, Brochures, Booklets, Receipts, Nondisclosure Agreements, and many more.

Join Our Community

Our membership currently consist of over 150 businesses across the island of Jamaica and we look forward to adding more new members every month.